Answering Machine DSG

Answering Machine DSG
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Full-Featured Auto Attendant System

The AA Series is a full function Auto Attendant System. In addition to the Auto Attendant function, it also provides Voice Mail function. It supports 5 personal voice mailboxes and 1 public voice mail box. The total recording time can be up to 96 minutes. The AA Series can be integrated with all major PBX easily. Its state-of-the-art design will greet your customers and transfer them to the correct person or department. The advanced. DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology generates clear voice and provides sensitive tone detection. With flexible design, the AA Series play diversify announcement in different business hours.

auto attendant answering machine DSG

Feature Specification

  • Voice Guidance for Programming
  • Department, Extension and Assistant Settings
  • Support up to 33 Sets of Department Code
  • Department Directory
  • Day / Noon / Night Operation Modes
  • Day / Noon / Night / Foreign Language Greetings
  • Day / Night Operator and Assistant Operator
  • Provisional Announcement
  • Auto Switch Day / Night / Noon Mode
  • Auto Learning PBX Busy and Ringback Tones
  • Call Pickup Function
  • Multiple Languages: AA9600 supports 2 languages; AA9604 provides 4 languages
  • Provides up to 96 minutes of greeting recording time. Each AA menu supports up to 4 minutes.
  • Built-in Battery: Secured prompts and parameters even without power supply
  • Double Password Security: Different passwords for the administrator and greeting recording
  • System Lock by Security Button to secure parameters
  • Remotely Programmable: Both parameters and announcement can be modified from DTMF programming mode
  • Extension Length: AA9600 supports 4-digit extensions; AA9604 supports 8-digit extensions.
  • Multiple AA Menu: AA9604 provides 3 levels of AA menu with up to 64 entries.
  • Offering 5 Personal Mailboxes and 1 Public Mailbox
  • Voice Message Notification Function
  • Leave messages direct to Public Mailbox after hours

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