Cordless/ Wireless Phone KX-TGB212

Cordless/ Wireless Phone KX-TGB212
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Rp 675.000,00
1 Kg
Cordless/ Wireless Phone KX-TGB212
Cordless/ Wireless Phone KX-TGB212

Panasonic KX-TGB212 Cordless Phones

Affordable and reliable
The KX-TGB 212 is an entry-level cordless DECT phone featuring a compact and streamlined design, making it suitable for fitting into small spaces. Available in a wide range of colours, you will be able to find something which best suits your tastes. The handset sports a backlit display, and there's a phonebook facility for storing up to fifty contacts.

Caller ID Support
If you subscribe to the Caller ID services, available from your home landline provider, you will be able to take advantage of a useful set of related features of the KX-TGB 212. In addition to providing caller information whenever someone phones you, the phone also provides a Caller ID memory of 50 stations. Other call management features include call sharing support with multiple handsets, the possibility to use the system as an intercom and conference calling with an external line.

User-Friendly Handset
Placing an emphasis on ease of use, the KX-TGB 212 provides a basic yet intuitive range of features. The 1.4" backlit amber display provides caller information, and it enables you to cycle through a 50-space call log or the 50-space address book, and you can redial the last ten numbers dialled, received or missed. The handset also features a key lock to prevent the user from accidentally dialling a number while the phone is placed in their pocket.

Eco & Zero Emit
This mode controls the transmitted power and power emission. When the Eco mode is set to ON, the base transmission power will be reduced. Zero Emit mode completely eliminates radiation while the phone is on standby mode.

Feature Specification

  • 1.4" Display
  • Backlight colour : Amber
  • Easy to Use Handset
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Memory: 50 stations
  • Call Share
  • Conference Call with outside Line
  • Intercom (Handset to Handset)
  • Any Key Answer
  • Mute (Soft key)
  • Redial Memory: 10
  • Date & time display
  • Alarm Clock
  • Key Lock
  • Name and caller ID
  • Call log entries : 50
  • Phonebook : 50 names and numbers
  • Eco Mode
  • GAP Compatible
  • Repeater compatible
  • Expandable up to 6 handsets